VIC – B Grade trainer's licence application requirements

11 January 2018

Harness Racing Victoria (HRV) has modified its trainer licensing criteria to ensure an easier pathway for all persons seeking to enter the industry. 

In an effort to encourage younger applicants who are not able to provide credit references when seeking to apply for a trainer’s licence, they may now choose to utilise the credit reporting body (CRB) pathway as an option. 

In addition, young applicants under-21 may seek from HRV consideration to forego the need to provide bank statements and statutory declaration criteria.

The holder of a B Grade trainers’ licence may train any registered horse which the person owns or partly owns or which is owned by the person’s spouse, other domestic partner, parent, sibling or child. The holder may also train up to a maximum of three horses for outside clients (i.e. not family related) at any one time by seeking written approval from the Chairman of Stewards.

B Grade trainers’ licences may be issued at the discretion of the Harness Racing Victoria Board to a person who has:

1. Attained the age of 18 years.

2. Held a Stablehand licence for a minimum of 12 months or provides evidence of previous experience for consideration.

3. Lodged a completed application form together with:

A minimum of two work references attesting to your horse handling ability. References from licensed trainers must include the period they have knowledge of you working with standardbred horses and the duties undertaken.

A minimum of two credit references (vet, farrier, feed suppliers etcetera) stating that your accounts are paid promptly or provide a credit report by contacting a credit reporting body (CRB). You can obtain a copy of your credit report free of charge from a CRB within 10 days of them receiving your request.

To request a copy of your credit report, contact these national CRBs: 





My (Equifax)

1300 762 207

D & B

D & B CheckYourCredit

1300 734 806


Experian Credit Services


Bank account statements in your name for the preceding 6-month period (to the date your application is submitted to Harness Racing Victoria). Note - These bank account statements should also be submitted to your chosen accountant/bank manager/officer to form part of the accountant reference declaration accompanying the application form.

Certified extract of birth or drivers licence.

A certificate of completion of a practical assessment from the Bendigo Harness Racing Training Centre or the Gippsland Harness Racing Training Centre and evidence of enrolment with either training centre for commencement of mandatory training modules.

4. Attained a National Police Certificate via

5. Been interviewed to the satisfaction of the stewards.

6. Leased or owns stables suitable for the training of standardbred horses.

7. Provided a digital photograph (taken at HRV’s Flemington office or emailed to

2017/18 fee is $345 incorporating the licence fee, public liability and personal accident insurance and subscription to the Harness Racer bi-monthly magazine. In addition, a $5 fee per race start applies to all TAB races.

Applicants who have any queries or concerns regarding the Grade B trainer licensing requirements should contact David Allison (HRV Licensing/Industry Liaison Steward) for clarification or General Manager Integrity Brent Fisher on 8378 0200.