RWWA Harness - Stewards Inquiry - Trainer/Driver Mr R. Sheridan

11 February 2019

On Thursday 7 February, Stewards concluded an inquiry into the conduct of trainer/driver Richard Sheridan at the Bunbury harness meeting on 31 December 2018. 

Mr Sheridan attended the stewards’ room at Bunbury on that night for an inquiry into his whip use on ARRIENS, however this inquiry did not commence due to the conduct of Mr Sheridan toward the officiating stewards.

The inquiry commenced on 15 January 2019 with evidence being taken from Deputy Chief Steward Rhys Chappell, Stipendiary Steward Brendan Sumner and Mr Sheridan in addition to the panel listening to the recording of the proceedings on the night in question.

Mr Sheridan pleaded guilty to the following charges for which the following penalties were imposed:

Charge 1:

AHRR 156(2)  with the particulars being R. Sheridan failed to hold a rein in each hand while applying the whip to ARRIENS.

Penalty:   $200 fine

Charge 2:

AHRR 231(1)(d)  with the particulars being R. Sheridan did abuse Deputy Chief Steward R. Chappell and Stipendiary Steward B. Sumner in the stewards room at Bunbury by using language that was offensive and insulting.

Penalty:  12 months disqualification

Mr Sheridan pleaded not guilty to the following charge and sought an adjournment which was granted.

Charge 3:

AHRR 231(d)(e) with the particulars being R. Sheridan did assault Deputy Chief Steward R. Chappell in the stewards room at Bunbury by using threatening words and approaching him with a clenched fist.

After considering the submissions made in support of his plea of not guilty, the Stewards determined to find Mr Sheridan guilty of this charge and subsequently imposed the following penalty.

Penalty:  2 years disqualification

Stewards ordered the periods of disqualification be served concurrently and take effect immediately.

In determining penalty stewards took into account:

  • Mr Sheridan’s pleas
  • Mr Sheridan’s personal circumstances and licence history
  • Previous penalties issued for similar offences
  • That stewards were attempting to carry out their official duties when the abuse and assault occurred
  • That no physical contact was made but an assault can occur without a physical element.
  • Mr Sheridan’s offence record which shows fines and suspensions of licence for abuse of Stewards in the past.
  • Penalties must have a general and specific deterrent

Media Contact:
Barbara Scott –  Chief Steward Harness
Ph: 9445 5176