HRSA's response to SAHRC's statement

06 May 2019 | HRSA Media

Harness Racing South Australia (HRSA), late on Friday afternoon, received a response from the South Australian Harness Racing Club (SAHRC) regarding terms of a proposed mediation between the two parties; this follows a request from HRSA to broaden the mediation rather than to simply restrict it to the number of race meetings conducted at Globe Derby Park.

SAHRC, in its correspondence advised that it will not engage in any mediation process unless HRSA immediately reinstates racing at the clubs Globe Derby Park (GDP) facility. This despite there being no conditions attached to the initial request to mediate the differences.

The HRSA Board today met to discuss the response received from SAHRC with the Board totally rejecting the ultimatum delivered by the club.

It is the Boards position while mediation has been proposed no determinations about racing returning to GDP will be made until the outcomes of the mediation is finalised.

The Board remains resolute that unless strong and decisive actions then harness racing, not only at Globe Derby Park, but also the entire state, will be detrimentally affected.

The Board will advise of further developments.