VIC – Pending VRT Hearing – Justin Torney

04 October 2019

Harness Racing Victoria (HRV) Stewards have issued seven charges against licenced trainer & driver Justin Torney under Australian Harness Racing Rules (AHRR) 241 and 187(2) relating to the lodgement of a lease document.

AHRR 241 states:

A person shall not in connection with any part of the harness racing industry do anything which is fraudulent or corrupt.

It is alleged that Mr Torney provided HRV with a “Notification of Surrender of Lease” document on which he had entered information and signed under another person’s name.

AHRR 187(2) states:

A person shall not refuse to answer questions or to produce a horse, document, substance or piece of equipment, or give false or misleading evidence or information at an inquiry or investigation.

The charges under AHRR 187(2) relate to the evidence provided by Mr Torney to HRV Stewards during the investigation.

The charges will be heard by the Victorian Racing Tribunal (VRT) on a date to be fixed.