Trial Results

ECHUCA - Sunday, 28 April 2019

Trial 1
MOBILE START Class: C1 Or Better 2160 METRES
Placing Horse  Trainer   Driver  Class Saddlecloth Handicap
1 MASTER MACH MANUS Greg Albert Greg Albert M0 C4 R8 5 FT
2 MONASH Ros Rolfe Ros Rolfe M0 C1 R1 2 FT
3 MICKILLA EXPRESS Luke Bryant Luke Bryant M0 C3 R3 4 FT
4 ALWAYS GRINNING Mick McMahon Mick McMahon M0 C1 R1 1 FT
5 PIRATESOF ZANZIBAR John Morris John Morris M0 C1 R2 3 FT
Gross Time: 2:43.20 Mile Rate: 2:01.6 Margins: 2m x 3m
Last Mile: 2:02.00 Last Half: 59.20 Last Quarter:

Trial 2
MOBILE START Class: Combined 2YO 2160 METRES
Placing Horse  Trainer   Driver  Class Saddlecloth Handicap
1 JEMSOMS PET Greg Lewis Ben Gledhill 2C0 2R0 2 FT
2 JUNIOR WARFARE Greg Lewis Megan Gee 2C0 2R0 1 FT
3 MILLYS MAGIC Dennis Paton Denns Paton 2T0 2TR0 3 FT
Gross Time: 2:52.00 Mile Rate: 2:08.1 Margins: 4m x 10m
Last Mile: 2:07.90 Last Half: 61.20 Last Quarter:

Trial 3
Placing Horse  Trainer   Driver  Class Saddlecloth Handicap
1 DALLAS FRANCO Ros Rolfe Ros Rolfe M0 C0 R0 6 FT
2 THE NARRATOR Mark Thompson Colin Godden 3C0 3R0 1 FT
3 BACKROADSAFARI Greg Albert Greg Albert M0 C0 R0 4 FT
4 DONT TELL ALICE Greg Caldwell Rodney Caldwell M0 C0 R0 2 FT
5 MAGGIES MISSILE Geoffrey Allen Geoffrey Allen M0 C0 R0 3 FT
6 HAYTOR LUCY Shane Pangrazio Shane Pangrazio M0 C0 R0 5 FT
Gross Time: 2:46.00 Mile Rate: 2:03.7 Margins: 3m x 6m
Last Mile: 2:04.40 Last Half: 60.40 Last Quarter:

DISCLAIMER: The trial results published for Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia and Tasmania are compiled by the host club as a service to punters. The information posted by this website is believed to be accurate at the time of publication, however there may be inaccuracies from time to time. Please consult the appropriate state controlling body or host club for official confirmation of trial results.